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Nita Brist
Renie Smith, Authorized ABT Provider

Dear Mrs. Smith,

Today I would like to share some of the "wonderfilled" experiences my children have encountered since they have completed The Listening Program. Kameron and Kennon, who turned 10 while doing the program, have a very different word usage selection. They can construct a sentence with much more grammatical correctness. All of their schoolwork is done with greater ease so we don’t spend as long doing it each night. I have noticed a major difference in their ability to learn spelling words. The time is much less and they seem to write the word correctly later.

Bentley, who is 13, often says he "just feels happier". He is much more settled and focused on his homework projects. Therefore his homework time is less. He had done very well with his grades this quarter. He demonstrates better time usage and is more self-motivated. Life just seems to flow better for him with much less frustration. He has also become a better group participant and built new friendships.

Overall I feel The Listening Program brought a very positive calming effect over our whole household. Everyone in our family listened to the CDs and we also listened to the Sound Health CDs. The children often request the music to be put on while doing their schoolwork. They think they can work faster with the music. These programs have been some of the most positive things we have ever done for our whole family.

Thank you so very much for introducing this truly great gift.

Nita Brist


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