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Melissa East
Melissa East, ABT Authorized Provider

Jordan, age 5

"Jordan has been diagnosed with Autism and has difficulty with auditory processing. After starting the program the first thing I noticed was that he was using pronouns properly when he has always had trouble with pronoun reversal. After several days I noticed he became more sensitive to feelings and was more affectionate than usual. He seemed to have better sentence structure and his sentences were more detailed. His school teacher also noticed Jordan's attention to detail.

He has usually had a hard time with transition and The Listening Program seemed to ease that transitioning period into a much easier time. Overall, I was very impressed with the program and its influence on Jordan and his learning. I am extremely grateful to Melissa and her kind way with Jordan as she has been a joy in our home. Jordan loved Melissa coming and this non-verbally communicates to me that he liked how The Listening Program made him feel."

Submitted by: Jordan's Mother 


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