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Melissa East
Melissa East, ABT Authorized Provider

Noah, age 4 1/2

"The Listening Program has been an exceptional miracle for Noah who wasn't speaking more than one-word utterances prior to Melissa administering The Listening Program. Eight weeks later, Noah is at age level with his speaking. His speech teacher, Grandmas and friends can't believe how far Noah has come over the summer. We have to give The Listening Program, Melissa and her special gift credit for Noah's success. Noah has had success in other areas since the program as well. He has truly developed socially, gaining many new friends.
His friends enjoy being around him more as his peer interaction skills have greatly been enhanced. He doesn't hit or act out. He verbalizes his needs. He's no longer frustrated. His sense of humor has really taken off; he's a very happy little boy. His brother and sister love being around him - the dogs even notice that he's much kinder to them. His coordination in large motor skills has also really developed. While Noah was on The Listening Program he learned to ride a bike as well as run and kick a soccer ball."

Submitted by: Noah's Mother


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