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Lori Scholtes
Lori Scholtes

"I am writing in regards to The Listening Program. I recently purchased it and used it with my daughter. The program was the basic program, 2- 15 minutes sets per day. Having participated in both the Tomatis and the Berard methods in the past, I must say, this was not only more convenient, but easier overall. My daughter is 22 years old and is mentally disabled with autistic tendencies, she is also non-verbal and has behavior problems due to not having a good form of communication.

I decided to give your program a try, based on a parents' recommendation with your previous program. After completion of our first 8 weeks I must say, I am extremely pleased with the results. My daughter has shown improvements in the following ways: More motivation, more verbal, calmer, more cooperative, more compliant, happier, more interactive, has more patience, she is willing to wait now, where as before the training she was not, and would react negatively. I also want to say, having Lori Riggs as my Provider, available whenever I needed, made this venture less frightening to me as a parent. Knowing that someone was there to help me if problems arouse was very reassuring. Lori was great. She answered all my questions and helped me with any concerns.

I have already recommended your home listening program to other parents and will continue to do so. We are starting on our second 8-week session. My daughter seems to enjoy listening now more than ever.

Thank you ABT for creating a home program. This has certainly made our family's life easier. Also, I need to mention, now that the noise of the vacuum cleaner does not bother my daughter anymore, she is actually starting to help with the vacuuming."

Lori Scholtes


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