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Professional Musician

Professional classical musician, clarinettist
These are the comments of an adult who has just completed 50 hours of listening using Level One with bone conduction.
"I came to TLP having completed a course of Tomatis Listening Therapy at the Listening Centre in London. I had found that the significant improvements that the Tomatis had given me seemed to be wearing off so I was looking for something which might be able to offer a more long term solution. In terms of my life TLP is also far more practical as it can be done at home and at a time that suits you. TLP is supposedly more gentle than Tomatis as you only listen for half an hour a day as opposed to two hours but as the listening takes place over a much longer time period I actually found that TLP has taken me far beyond the point I had reached with Tomatis.


Lori Riggs, MA, CCC/SLP

Lori Riggs, M.A., CCC/SLP
College Student - Age 21 - Diagnosis of Severe CAPD Secondary to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Functionally, she appeared to have a progressive loss of hearing over a period of two years, until eventually she functioned as a deaf person. She used lip reading to communicate; used closed captioning on her TV; and had note-takers for her classes. After one round of TLP, this was her report:



"H" - Age 50
"Some feedback on my response to the program - to be brief, I'm addicted.
Your prediction of some adjustment symptoms was correct - for a couple of days I had a weird tension feeling in my head after listening - a headachy sort of thing, but great tension. That soon passed and I realised that my adjustment symptoms (!!!! hope they last forever) were a much improved energy flow, clearer thinking, easier, more prolonged access to my core optimistic Self.


Teresa Stewart

Teresa Stewart
To Whom It May Concern:
My son Brandon Stewart is now 9 years old and in the 3rd Grade. Brandon has always struggled with school and with his fine motor skills.
Brandon went to Meadowbrook Educational Services and Renee recommended The Listening Program for Brandon. We had Brandon do The Listening Program twice before he went through the Meadowbrook Educational Program that Renee had suggested for Brandon. Brandon loved doing The Listening Program and often asks to listen to it, while doing his homework.


Nita Brist

Renie Smith, Authorized ABT Provider
Dear Mrs. Smith,
Today I would like to share some of the "wonderfilled" experiences my children have encountered since they have completed The Listening Program. Kameron and Kennon, who turned 10 while doing the program, have a very different word usage selection. They can construct a sentence with much more grammatical correctness. All of their schoolwork is done with greater ease so we don’t spend as long doing it each night. I have noticed a major difference in their ability to learn spelling words. The time is much less and they seem to write the word correctly later.


Melissa East

Melissa East, ABT Authorized Provider

Jordan, age 5
"Jordan has been diagnosed with Autism and has difficulty with auditory processing. After starting the program the first thing I noticed was that he was using pronouns properly when he has always had trouble with pronoun reversal. After several days I noticed he became more sensitive to feelings and was more affectionate than usual. He seemed to have better sentence structure and his sentences were more detailed. His school teacher also noticed Jordan's attention to detail.


Melissa East

Melissa East, ABT Authorized Provider
Noah, age 4 1/2

"The Listening Program has been an exceptional miracle for Noah who wasn't speaking more than one-word utterances prior to Melissa administering The Listening Program. Eight weeks later, Noah is at age level with his speaking. His speech teacher, Grandmas and friends can't believe how far Noah has come over the summer. We have to give The Listening Program, Melissa and her special gift credit for Noah's success. Noah has had success in other areas since the program as well. He has truly developed socially, gaining many new friends.


Lori Scholtes

Lori Scholtes
"I am writing in regards to The Listening Program. I recently purchased it and used it with my daughter. The program was the basic program, 2- 15 minutes sets per day. Having participated in both the Tomatis and the Berard methods in the past, I must say, this was not only more convenient, but easier overall. My daughter is 22 years old and is mentally disabled with autistic tendencies, she is also non-verbal and has behavior problems due to not having a good form of communication.


Professional - Krassny

Lisa Krassny, Speech and Language Pathologist
Dear Readers,
Last February in Tiburon, California, I had the pleasure to receive training to provide The Listening Program. I am a practicing Speech and Language Pathologist and was looking for a new tool for my old bag of tricks to improve auditory processing skills. I started 5 students from my caseload on the program and began to see immediate results in behavior; everything from improved sleep to reduced anxiety, not to mention better receptive language. Professionally, I was excited and motivated to explore the many applications for this program.


Professional - Clearfork Elementary

Clearfork Elementary
In the spring of 2001 a grant was awarded for The Listening Program® (TLP) to be used in the Clearfork Elementary located in Andrews, TX and in the spring of 2002 another grant was awarded to extend this program to the other elementaries within the district. This is an auditory retraining program designed to help with a variety of learning disabilities including, but not limited to, attention disorders, auditory processing disorders, articulation disorders, developmental delays and autism. Some of the Clearfork staff implemented TLP beginning in August 2001 with a total of 55 students participating in TLP. These students ranged from mild learning/attention problems in a regular class to severely affected students in self-contained special ed classes.

Following are some observations by the Clearfork teachers of these students:


Professional - Kalb

Laurie Kalb, Director
"My Center has been a provider of The Listening Program since August 2001 and we have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the product, from the provider training, to our personal use of the program, to instructing and delivering the product to our clientele. Some of the results have been astounding. Overall, it has been well received by everyone. We love how parent friendly and professional the packaging and product delivery is. Every student we have started on the program has successfully used it with parents finding it to be a special part in their child's day. It is well organized and takes the guess work out of program planning. The questions, 'Is it too much or not enough?' and 'Where do I begin?' don't come into play."
Laurie Kalb, Director
Pediatric Potentials of West Essex, LLC
Livingston, NJ

Professional - Othmer

Sue Othmer
"I am finding The Listening Program useful as an adjunct to Neurofeedback for clients with auditory processing deficits or auditory sensitivity. The Sensory Integration CD is especially helpful with our autistic and developmentally delayed clients. I appreciate the high technical and artistic quality of the sound. And the guidebook provides very complete explanations and directions for use, making supervision easy."
Sue Othmer
EEG Institute
Encino, CA


Professional - Newhouse

Mindy Newhouse, MS, CCC/SLP
"My experience with TLP has been positive on all accounts. My patients, ranging from young children with autism, school-age children with learning disabilities and adults with aphasia following stroke, have made progress that I directly attribute to having TLP as part of the treatment regimen."
Mindy Newhouse, MS, CCC/SLP
Thousand Oaks, CA

Professional - Maxwell

Jill Maxwell, Physical Therapist
"I have found The Listening Program to be one of the easiest programs to implement both from a clinician point of view and as a parent. The kids often ASK to listen and really enjoy it, especially the nature sound tracks."
Jill Maxwell, Physical Therapist
Maxwell Learning Center
Savage, MN


Professional - Moeller

Andrea Moeller, Occupational Therapist
"The Listening Program from Advanced Brain Technologies has been an incredibly welcome addition to my OT practice. Families say: 'I can't thank you enough!' 'Suddenly, she was a new child!' 'I feel like I am talking to somebody, not to a wall.' His attention span has improved dramatically."
Andrea Moeller, Occupational Therapist
Kaiser Permanente
Los Angeles, CA


Professional - Nixon

Alice Nixon, MSW, LCSW, BCD
"As a psychotherapist working with kids and adults with emotional and learning difficulties, I am amazed and delighted with the accelerated progress they make when I incorporate The Listening Program into their treatment. Thanks to TLP I'm seeing brightened affect, anxiety relief, mood stabilization and enhancement, maturity of voice tonality, improved self esteem, fibromyalgia symptom relief, and autistic behavior and communication management and improvement among many other steps toward well being. Thank you ABT from me and my clients!!"
Alice Nixon, MSW, LCSW, BCD
Spectrum International Institute
Northbrook, IL


Professional - Bonsall

Robin Bonsall, OTR
"I have been using The Listening Program in a multitude of ways in my practice as a pediatric Occupational Therapist. I use the program as an integral "sensory tool" to facilitate an optimal state of arousal which is most conducive to learning new skills. I have also found the TLP assists children with sensory modulation difficulties to self regulate and again achieve appropriate adaptive responses to their environment.



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