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About RESPeRATE: Frequently Asked Questions

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About RESPeRATE: Questions & Answers

Q:Does RESPeRATE come with a money-back guarantee?
A: Yes. For purchases made directly at RESPeRATE we guarantee that if you use RESPeRATE as recommended for 8 consecutive weeks from date of purchase and your blood pressure does not go down, you can return the device and we will refund the purchase price, less the cost of handling and restocking which is $40.

Q: Should I tell my doctor about RESPeRATE?
A: Absolutely. You can take our Clinical Information brochure to your doctor either before or after you purchase RESPeRATE.

Q: My doctor has never heard of RESPeRATE. Should I be concerned?
A: RESPeRATE is new, so it's possible your doctor has not heard of it yet. The Clinical Information brochure provides summary clinical information for you to print out to take to your doctor. You may also want to let your doctor know that RESPeRATE is included in the new 2002 edition of the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) on page 1770. You should encourage your doctor to review the comprehensive clinical data in the Healthcare professionals section of this web site.

Q: Will RESPeRATE allow me to reduce my medications?
A: Your doctor is the only person authorized to adjust your overall treatment plan including any medications. RESPeRATE can be safely used in conjunction with medication and lifestyle modification such as diet and exercise.

Q: Will I be able to use RESPeRATE with my other blood pressure medications?
A: Yes. RESPeRATE can be safely added to medications and lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise.

Q: Does RESPeRATE have any side effects?
A: No. There are no known side effects from using RESPeRATE.

Q: Will RESPeRATE lower my blood pressure too much?
A: No. RESPeRATE has a normalizing effect, which means that it doesn't reduce blood pressure for people with normal blood pressure but may reduce it toward the optimal, healthy range for people with high blood pressure.

Q: How does RESPeRATE works?
A: RESPeRATE is based on scientific evidence that shows that breathing exercises, when performed routinely, can lower blood pressure. These exercises are difficult to perform without continuous, individualized coaching. RESPeRATE provides this coaching, with personalized sound patterns, composed in real time, customized to guide your own breathing patterns. For more see How RESPeRATE Work's

Q: How much time is required to achieve results with RESPeRATE?
A: We recommend using the RESPeRATE for 15 minutes, at least three-four times per week. Typically, within eight weeks of use, a sustained reduction in blood pressure can be achieved. Like other physical exercises, regular use is required to maintain the benefits.

Q: What happens if I stop using RESPeRATE?
A: As with other physical exercises, the benefits will not be maintained if you do not continue with routine use.

Q: Will it take a long time to learn to use RESPeRATE?
A: Most people who've used it find RESPeRATE both easy and pleasant to use. typically takes one or two sessions to get used to the operation and breathing "exercises" - after that you will be able to easily operate RESPeRATE and perform the exercises effortlessly.

Q: Is RESPeRATE covered by insurance?
A: Currently, RESPeRATE is not covered by Medicare or major health plans, although some insurance plans have covered RESPeRATE on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Can I purchase RESPeRATE at my local drugstore?
A: Currently, RESPeRATE is only available directly through InterCure, the manufacturer. You can order online or call (212) 222 - 5665 .

Q: Who invented RESPeRATE?
A: Dr. Benjamin Gavish, InterCure's Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, patented and developed a fundamental method of affecting biological rhythms and respiration with external rhythms such as melody, which led to the development of RESPeRATE, the company's first product.

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RESPeRate Home
| Overview | How RESPeRate Works | Demonstration | Clinical Studies | FAQ | Success Stories

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