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The SleepGuard biofeedback headband provides a gradual, gentle audio reminder to relax each time it senses that you are clenching your teeth, allowing you to learn your way out of your clenching habit while remaining asleep. Two sensor pads within the headband let the electronic module monitor how hard your temporalis muscles (part of the muscle group used in chewing) are clenching your jaw. The electronic module not only provides biofeedback, it also tracks how many times you clench and the total number of seconds you clench each night, so you can see how much your clenching is reduced over time.

Short Daytime Training Sessions Allow You to Respond in Your Sleep
For the first three days, you train yourself briefly each day to hear the biofeedback sound as a gentle reminder to relax. You train yourself to relax your jaw as soon as you hear the sound. The sound comes on slowly, so you can relax in your sleep without waking up.

During the first few days, you wear the SleepGuard biofeedback headband at night with the biofeedback sound turned off. This lets you measure your baseline clenching level. Each morning, you can read out of the unit how many times you clenched and the total number of seconds you clenched the night before.
Electronic Module
The heart of the SleepGuard is a small electronic module that allows you to select a custom conditioning program for you.  SleepGuard's front control panel features MODE and SET buttons and a display showing:

  • Score - number of times you clenched since you last reset the unit
  • Time - total duration of clenching since you last reset the unit
  • Volume - volume of the RelaxTone biofeedback signal
  • Bite Level - how hard a bite it takes to trigger the biofeedback sound

The back of the device features a piezo tone signal generator, which enables you to hear the biofeedback tone in both ears through your forehead.
A comfortable fabric headband containing two conductive rubber sensor pads like those found on a heart-rate monitor rests against the skin.  These sensor pads let the electronic module measure how hard you are clenching.  An opening in the center of the headband allows the tone generator to rest against the forehead.  The headband is fully adjustable for all head sizes.
RelaxTone is a patented innovation of SleepGuard. Because you hear the tone in both ears from the sound touching your forehead, you will be able to hear the tone much better than someone sleeping next to you. This allows for lower volumes that won't wake your partner, and eliminates the need for an uncomfortable earpiece that could interfere with your own sleep.

The tone comes in three levels:

FAINT - A faint tone begins immediately upon clenching and continues for 2 seconds, giving you time to stop clenching while still asleep.
ALERT - If you don't stop,the tone volume gradually increases (to a level set by you). Your SCORE increases one point, and the TIME function starts counting seconds.
ALARM - After 5 seconds, the constant tone switches to an intermittent alarm, which continues until clenching or grinding stops, or the unit shuts itself off in 30 seconds.

Wearing the SleepGuard biofeedback headband

1. Press the button to turn SleepGuard on.   2. Put on the fully-adjustable headband.  A quick pair of beeps lets you know that SleepGuard is working.   3. Go to Sleep


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