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Audio Interview with Severe Bruxism Sufferer

Linda L. in Canada

Written Testimonials

"I was a serious grinder, but in a matter of weeks, SleepGuard stopped me from grinding my teeth.  No more headaches.  No more sore jaw.  And best of all, I haven't had to wear a night guard in over a year!"
- L. Russell, Boston

"Before SleepGuard, every morning I would wake up feeling like I had been through a 10-round fight.  My jaw and temples were tender and throbbing…my eyes were bloodshot.  I searched the Internet for years for something that would help, and finally found an answer.  When your package arrived, I was eager to try it and have been satisfied with the results ever since."
- K. Meehan, New York City

"I'm simply amazed at how effective this device has been for me. Averaging the first 30 days of data shows that I dropped from over 9 seconds of clenching per hour to less than one second per hour.

I was quite skeptical before using it, but the three-week free trial period convinced me to give it a try. Initially I was concerned that the alarm would constantly wake my spouse, but it hasn't been a problem at all.

Thank you for making such a device available at a reasonable price."

-Ron Blackstock, Saint Petersburg, FL

"Your product is unbelievable - I would not know where I would be without it!"
- Sito, Redwood City, CA
"Thank you for creating this product for people with bruxism who have nowhere else to turn after trying conventional remedies.  The product has helped me immensely and has reduced my clenching significantly.  I will recommend this product to anyone with this problem."
-Kirsten, Cape Coral, FL



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