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Self-Help Audio CD Program

Self-help audio CD program

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"Beyond Shyness: How To Conquer Social & Performance Anxieties"

A Self -Therapy Audio Interactive Program

Join Jonathan Berent, A.C.S.W., the psychotherapist who has pioneered treatment for social anxiety, and authored "Beyond Shyness: How To Conquer Social Anxieties", (Simon & Schuster), as he guides and supports you on a multi-dimensional 8 hour journey of self-therapy.

You will hear how:
  • A recovered school phobic, (now a PhD.), tells how he "cured" his social anxiety without medicine
  • A high-powered, successful salesman explains how he conquered his public speaking anxiety without medicine (via telephone therapy).
  • A 28 year- old woman (who appeared on television network news representing a pharmaceutical company) describes her experience with Paxil; going on and getting off of medicine.
  • A successful chiropractor explains how he turned his learning disability induced anxiety into productivity that created a multi-million dollar practice…
  • A 26 year-old male describes how he conquered his performance anxiety and involuntary virginity without medicine.
  • The mother of a 12 year old "selectively mute" and socially phobic child describes how she and her husband learned "corrective parenting" to facilitate healing.
  • A 30 year-old patient with social anxiety and depression explains the importance of dealing with anger in the healing process.

And numerous personal stories.

In Addition:

  • Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., author of "Food and Healing"( Ballantine), and noted nutritionist, explains a 3-step nutritional plan for mental and emotional health.

  • Dr. Robert Lutrell, M.D. explains when and how to use medication for the treatment of social anxiety.

You will learn:

  • How to develop a "High Performance Mind".
  • A Positive Mental Attitude
  • Self-Diagnostics
  • How to manage anxiety and panic.
  • An 8- step comprehensive stress management program.
  • "Corrective Parenting" for the socially-anxious-"socially challenged" child".
  • How to "empower" vs. "enable" (children-dependents) who have social anxiety.
  • Social skills protocol.
  • A "state of the art & science" self-regulation- relaxation technology.
  • Strategies for mind-body (psycho-physiological) control.
  • A 3-step nutritional program for anxiety control.

A workbook adds to the learning and self-therapy process. It contains exercises, assessment tools, and profiles. Included are numerous e-mails from around the world, which describe, and provide insight into the state of social anxiety, social phobia, and "shyness".

The price of the audio program is:

$299 within the United States
$309 outside of the United States.

To order the program, call (212) 222-5665 (5667 Fax), E-mail, or fill our online order form.

Jonathan Berent, A.C.S.W. is a pioneer in the field of psychotherapy for the treatment of social anxiety and shyness. In private practice in Great Neck, New York since 1978, he has worked with thousands of individuals of all ages in individual, group, and family therapy. He is the author of "Beyond Shyness: How To Conquer Social Anxieties", published by Simon & Schuster. He is an expert in media "performance". He has been featured on "Oprah", "Sally Jessy Raphael", "CNN Medical News", " Joan Rivers", Jennie Jones, CNBC, "The God Squad", and many network news shows. He has appeared on hundreds of radio stations, including WFAN, WOR, WNEW, WINS, CBS, and ABC. Print references include The New York Times, Newsday, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, Readers Digest, and The National Enquirer. He has served as a stress management consultant to numerous corporations and organizations. Mr. Berent has extensively researched technology and the avoidant personality.


Reflections on Social Anxiety
                                          Jonathan Berent, L.C.S.W.
Social anxiety is a fear of people based on “performance” issues. It takes many forms; fear of public speaking, fear of being noticeably nervous as in blushing and sweating, fear of school, fear of groups, fear of talking, fear of intimacy, fear of being perceived as anything less than perfect (image sickness) and more. When social anxiety results in avoidance of the challenge scenario social phobia is present.
Social anxiety is an invisible and insidious “disease”, which impacts countless millions of individuals of all ages and cultures. This problem has baffled the psychotherapy and medical communities as there has been very little actual documented clinical success.
The primary reason for so little success is that social anxiety is a disease of resistance. Sufferers experience toxic levels of embarrassment, shame, humiliation, and fear of rejection. Most never seek help. Many look for the quick fix or magic elixir, which simply does not exist.
The two biggest mistakes that are made regarding SA are:
#1. The belief that the individual will grow out of the problem. The reality is that it worsens with time as the anxiety works its way developmentally into the personality creating avoidant, dependant, and obsessive characteristics.
#2. The inappropriate use of pharmaceuticals. There is a right and wrong way to use medicine. Investing in medicine as a “cure” will only breed further over-dependence. Medicine, when indicated, is a therapeutic tool to be used for specific reasons and objectives.
While there are numerous examples of social anxiety there are two basic types of people who have the problem. The first is the person with “initiative”. The second is the person who is incapable of “initiative”.
“Initiative” does not mean ability. It means to “start up”, as in a healing process. The non-working 26 year old who stays in his room playing 90 hrs of computer games a week at the expense of healthy socialization is not capable of “initiative”. No children are. Most adolescents are not. Many adults who are pathologically over-dependent on caregivers are not. When “initiative” is not present, caregivers have two options; take action and learn an empowering therapeutic game-plan, or do nothing, which is “enabling” the problem.
A profoundly important example of social anxiety is “selective mutism” This is a specific anxiety where the person (child) does not talk because of anxiety. This certainly is a definite precursor for public speaking anxiety, which is the number 1 phobia in the world. It is often mis-diagnosed as a speech disorder or autism. An amazing statistic is the reality that while 6 out of 1000 children have autism, 7 out of 1000 have selective mutism. Thank goodness there are many programs in place and developing for the autistic community. Meanwhile there is very little help available worldwide for selective mutism. This situation characterizes, in general, the state of treatment for social anxiety.
During my 30 years of clinical experience I have heard just about everything. I have treated multi millionaires, well known athletes, gifted salespeople, gifted academicians, and countless perfectionists. In addition, I have treated people who have been pervasively handicapped, and who are non-functional due to their social  anxiety. While I have worked with patients of all ages, the average age of my approximately 10,000 patients has been 27. I have seen everything from a total “cure” to the problem being permanent, and everything in between.
Many social anxiety sufferers think that they are all alone, which is a dramatic reason for never exposing themselves by seeking help. The reality is nothing is further from the truth. This just is not the kind of problem you tell your friends about. In many cases spouses are not aware of their significant other’s social anxiety.
If you listen to the following interviews from real patients and families you will gain tremendous insight into the problem and the healing “process”. These interviews may be one of a kind. All of those interviewed demonstrated tremendous courage by being taped as they wanted to educate others afflicted!

Listen to excerpts of interviews with real people who have resolved social anxiety

The audio links below are in MP3 format. Click to listen:

Public Speaking Anxiety Resolved
"Tom", a senior executive of a billion dollar company, describes how anxiety management changed his life, and enabled him to conquer his fear of public speaking.

Performance Anxiety and Hyper-hidrosis Resolved without Medication
"Kevin" - a successful lawyer - describes insightfully and in depth how he learned psycho-physiological control and accomplished his therapeutic objectives.

Pharmaceutical rep resolves chronic public speaking phobia and fear of being noticeably nervous
"Bill" describes his learned technique for solving his problem that existed for 20 years.

No Surgery - No Drugs: Performance Anxiety and Blushing Resolved
Once having considered an operation to sever her nerves, “Diane” describes her resolution - through therapy via telephone - of this medical disorder.

Public Speaking Anxiety Resolved by “Gifted Salesman”
"Robert" describes his success in resolving public speaking anxiety without the use of medication.

Public Speaking-Performance Anxiety Resolved: Alcohol Insights
"Mike", a successful salesman-entrepreneur, describes in detail his "mindset".

Public Speaking Panic & Obsession Resolved: No Drugs
"Rob", a highly successful salesman, describes his 12-session treatment experience to resolve public speaking panic and obsession.

Public Speaking Anxiety and Blushing Resolved
"Carol", an ovarian cancer survivor who once said that “she would rather be back in chemotherapy than speak in front of a group”, describes her success.

Performance Anxiety, Depression, Medication Dependence, Learning Disability
With dramatic insight into his self-esteem and special education experience, "Mike" describes his resolution of multiple psychological challenges.

School Phobia, Social Phobia, Social Isolation, and Depression
"Arthur" describes his metamorphosis and the reality that there can be a “cure”.

Obsessing, Blushing, and Social Anxiety Resolved, Drug-free
With creativity, insight, and high energy, "Jim", a successful 26-year-old businessman (who at one time considered an operation to sever his nerves) describes his “turnaround”.

Perfectionism, Public Speaking Dysfunction, and “Burnout”
"Lauren", a successful businesswoman, describes her challenge and path to healing.

Depression and Social Anxiety: A Christian Perspective
"Joe", a banker, describes his descent into emotional turmoil and recovery.

School Phobia, Avoidant Personality, Learning Disability: an Orthodox Jewish Perspective
With special insight into family dynamics, "David" describes, in detail, his struggles with learning disabilities and social anxieties - and eventual success.

Adult Selective Mutism
"Mike", a 35-year-old, describes his long- term struggle and recovery from this insidious a debilitating condition.

Group Anxiety and Blushing
"Karen", a film editor, relates her emotional and physiological challenges and success.

Depression, Social Inhibition, Medication Dependence
"Vicki" discusses the “process” of problem to resolution.

Intimacy, Performance Anxiety, and Depression
"Mike", a successful media professional, graphically details his “process” from problem to success.

Involuntary Virginity & Intimacy Phobia
"Steve" describes how he resolved his challenges at age 38.

A Profile of Anger: Bullied as a Child
"Eric" describes the “energy” of his anger as it relates to anxiety and depression.


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