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The Sound Health SeriesT is a line of specially designed baroque/classical music CDs. This series contains six application-specific titles: Concentration, Thinking, Learning, Productivity, Relax, and De-Stress. Featuring psychoacoustically-refined masterworks, The Sound Health SeriesT creates a positive soundscape for home, school, or work environment.

Music for Motivation joyously invites action. Highly organized compositions of Mozart, Handel, and friends focus minds and sharpen thinking. Many selections are simplified to give the mind room to reflect and reorganize. Violins sing, woodwinds incite, and trumpets sound the clarion call: Get the job done and have fun!

MOTIVATION is ideal for peak performance, vitality, task completion, organizing, taking action, and productivity.

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Music for Inspiration is beautiful spacious music signed to facilitate a fresh perspective. The concept of inspiration takes many forms - a noble act, an exemplary life a divine influence. Inspiration is also defined as the drawing in of breath. The re-arranged music of Gluck, Mozart, Beethoven, Borodin, Elgar, Mascagni, Satie, and Gershwin creates space for new ideas and expanded imagination. A sonic breath of fresh air, this recording inspires. enlivens and energizes.

INSPIRATION is ideal for improved performance, creative expression, strategic thinking, finding balance, pathfinding, and joyfulness.

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Music for Concentration Designed to sharpen your focus, twelve baroque masterpieces provide the ideal mental environment known as 'Body Relaxed/Mind Alert.' This delightful recording is a subtle, non-obtrusive backdrop that heightens mental attention while stimulating the brain with beautiful high frequency sounds.

CONCENTRATION is perfect for studying, writing, office ambience, and computer time.

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Music for Thinking Facilitates highly-focused mental immersion. Borrowing from the classical/romantic repertoire, re-arranged works by Beethoven, Schubert, Débussy and others enhance relaxation while stimulating the brain to improve focus. Moderated tempos and simplified musical structures make this recording a lovely companion to Music for Concentration.

THINKING is ideal for room ambience, problem solving, office work, memorization, and computer time.

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Music for Thinking Proven accelerated learning techniques incorporated into lovely arrangements of baroque masterworks increase concentration. Gentle sounds of nature, combined with inspired compositions by Bach, Vivaldi, and Corelli, provide an optimal 'Body Relaxed/Mind Alert' environment. Classroom use indicates this recording enhances task-oriented activities and projects.

LEARNING facilitates clarity, creativity, and mental alertness.

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Music for Productivity Vital and energetic performances of 17 movements by Tartini, Telemann, Bach, Lawrence, and others. A great variety of tempi and melodic arrangements stimulate the nervous system with sonic isometrics. These ear-robics are designed for a cerebral work-out.

We suggest PRODUCTIVITY for mood elevation, energy, vitality, task completion, computer time, and wakefulness.

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Music to Relax Calms the mind and unwinds the body. The master players of Arcangelos skillfully improvise upon themes of Schumann, Beethoven, Schubert, Vivaldi, and others.

RELAX promotes tranquility, rejuvenation, and serenity, and is ideal for quieting hyperactivity, reading, and constructively directing energy.

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Music to De-Stress Gently renews the body and mind. The Adagio movement from Mahler's Fourth Symphony delicately unfurls into a texture of foghorns and ocean waves. Simplified melodies without tempo provide a soothing sound environment for rest and replenishment.

Use DE-STRESS to soothe and strengthen a fatigued nervous system, decrease anxiety, release tension, induce sleep, and for a peaceful room ambience.

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Music to De-Stress Introduces the benefits and beauty of the psychoacoustically-refined music of Arcangelos in 14 selections culled from THE SOUND HEALTH SERIES™. Everyone perceives and responds to music differently; we invite you to experiment with these selections to explore their benefits for you.

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Sound Health Series - Call 212-222-5665 - The Sound Health SeriesT Includes Music For Motivation, Music For Inspiration, Concentration, Thinking, Learning, Productivity, Relax & De-Stress. Music To Improve Your Mind and Health/Brain Fitness.

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