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WaveRider Pro 60 hertz $1,700
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WaveRider Pro 50 hertz $1,700
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WaveRider jr. 60 hertz $950
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WaveRider jr. 50 hertz $950
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CEO Personal Neurofeedback Trainer
60 hertz $600
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CEO Personal Neurofeedback Trainer
50 hertz $600
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List Price $425; Your Price $400.00
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Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, EEG, Stress Reduction, Relaxation, Peak Performance, and PsychoPhysiology Research are some of the uses of MindPeak products.

Both WaveRider Pro and  WaveRider 2cx read EEG, EKG, EMG, and GSR signals using WaveWare Windows software.  The signals are presented in real-time as visual displays and sounds.

The CEO provides EEG biofeedback for personal self-improvement.  

BioExplorer is Windows software that also runs  with WaveRider.  It has extensive multimedia control capabilities including DVD, CD, video, tone generator, and MIDI.  Also provides statistics and reports.

Special Basic Waverider Jr and Bioexplorer system discount pricing

Waverider and CEO accessories:

CEO Sensor Closeup thumbnail

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CEO Sensor

Your Price $75.00

Disposable Trodes thumbnail

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Disposable Electrodes

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Ear Trodes thumbnail

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Ear Electrodes

List Price $45.00

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Gender Converter (set of five)

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GSR Finger Clips

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Head Electrodes

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Jumper Cable

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Lead Wires

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NuPrep Gel

Your Price $16.00

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Serial Cable

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Filter Boards-tn

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Set of Two 50 Hertz Filter Boards

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Filter Boards-tn

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Set of two 60 hertz filter boards

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Ten20 Paste

Your Price $16.00


WaveWare:  WaveRider Windows Software Works with WinXP; requires XP mode to run in Windows 7

WaveWare provides a fast response to biological signals for effective feedback. Pleasant screens display data for easy comprehension. User-created windows process and output biological signals. Double-clicking on any window opens a dialog box that controls the processing and display characteristics of that window. Musical feedback responds with a single note, or a user-defined range of notes, instruments, and scales.

Pre-Programmed Protocols provide an easy entry path for the beginning user. Once familiar with the software, Processed Data Modes  can be used to design advanced user-specific protocols.

Export Capabilities

Export to Ascii creates a text file of off-line processed data.  The text file can be opened in a spreadsheet and will display the output from each general graph present in a configuration file.  Time resolution of the text file will be set to the finest time resolution of the collected data streams.

WaveRider DDE creates a live link between raw and processed data outputs, and user-created client applications.

Storage Capabilities
WaveWare stores raw data from each channel.
Notes may be included in each file. 
Storage size  is approximately .5 megabytes per channel per hour.

Export to ascii provides the ability to export and store processed data.

Pre-Programmed Protocols

Pre-programmed protocols address the goals of most beginning WaveRider users.  Many users begin with these protocols, then modify and extend them for their own applications.  Other protocols can be easily and quickly developed by pointing and clicking on settings  within WaveWare dialog boxes.

Protocols include:

GSR/Percent Alpha

Theta Suppress
SMR/Theta for Two Channels
Beta/Theta for Two Channels

Percent Alpha
Percent High Alpha
Alpha Amplitude
Brain Reflector

Alpha/Theta with Two Tones
Alpha/Theta for Two Channels

Blues Ensemble

Processed Data Modes

WaveWare processes raw biological signals and outputs meaningful data as graphs and numbers and sounds. Processed Data Modes are the recipes that process biological signals. Most brainwave processed data modes use brainwave frequency information. There are two engines for generating frequency information in WaveWare: Fast Fourier Transform(FFT)* and Digital Filter**.  Each feeds different processed data modes.

FFT-Based Processed Data Modes
Dominant Frequency: Dominant frequency within a user-specified frequency passband.
Power in Passband: Amount of power in a user-specified frequency passband.
Ratio of Power in Passbands: Ratio of power between two user-specified frequency passbands.

Digital Filter Based Processed Data Modes
Digital Filter: User-selected digital filter output.
Reward/Suppress: User-selected digital filter output with threshold conditions on the selected filter and an additional filter.
Ratio of Two Filters: Ratio of two user-selected digital filter outputs.
Reward/Suppress Ratio: Ratio of two user-selected digital filters outputs with threshold conditions on the selected filters and an additional filter.

Coherence:  Calculates the standard deviation of the difference between the raw output of two user-selected channels.

Other Processed Data Modes
Heart Rate

*Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
The FFT is a mathematical prism that splits complex signals into their constituent frequency components, just as a prism splits light into its' constituent colors. The FFT takes in a time-domain signal, and outputs an array of numbers that represent the amount of power in each frequency bin. WaveWare calculates frequency bins one hertz wide  that range from one to 40 hertz. The FFT generates the data that feeds the Dominant Frequency, Power in Passband, and Ratio of Power in Passband modes. Each mode allows the definition of frequency passbands covering multiple frequency bins, as well as time averaging.

**Digital Filter

The Digital Filter is a mathematical process that outputs the amount of power in a range of frequencies as described by a set of filter co-efficients. WaveWare provides a large selection of pre-calculated filter co-efficients that cover many frequency ranges. The Digital Filter generates the data that feeds the Digital Filter, Ratio of Two Filters, Reward/Suppress, and the Reward/Suppress Ratio modes. Selectable integration of filter outputs over time is availabe in each mode.

WaveRider Biofeedback & Neurofeedback System - Call 212-222-5665 - Product Info: WaveRider Pro, WaveRider Jr., Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Trainer, BioExplorer. Monitor & Feedback EEG, EKG, EMG, and GSR signals.


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