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Zen Master CD Player Light/Sound Machine

comes with one 3 track Audio CD and white light glasses

Our best selling PR-2X Plus model tucked neatly inside a personal CD player, creating the most convenient and easy to use mind machine ever made!

No more unwieldy cables to connect, no more having to carry around two different devices.

Just a portable CD playing your favorite sounds combined with the power and features of the PR-2X Plus.

All running on two AA batteries!

Just look at the features included in the Zen Master CD Player for only $229:


  • The Zen Master is a normal CD player complete with track programming capabilities plus all of the following

  • A full featured L/S machine with 50 built-in light & sound sessions (like having a complete PR-2X Plus system)

  • our Exclusive 5 Autopilot programs for generating an unlimited number of unique L/S sessions each targeting a different brain wave state (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta & Super-Beta, AKA Gamma).

  • The ability to store up to 25 additional Autopilot generated programs for a total of 75 programs.

  • Time adjustment allowing you to scale and control the time of any program from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

  • Complete Manual control including the pulse width or duty cycle from 10%-90%

  • Exclusive Sparkle feature another Mind Tools innovation providing stunning visuals (and better entrainment) by controlling and changing the duty cycle in three distinctive patterns.

  • Personal Preference Program (PPP) allowing you to store your favorite settings on the Zen Master L/S System

  • A FULL frequency range of .5Hz to 40Hz.

  • Six unique stimulation modes.

  • Outstanding Binaural Sound synchronized with the lights.

  • Tru-White Light LED glasses (one of our competitors charges $99 just for a pair of white led glasses)

  • Convenient Thumb-wheel control of brightness for instant adjustment of light intensity.

  • 3 track Audio CD.

  • Stereo Headphones


Introductory price of ONLY $229.00 Plus S&H

Experience in minutes what used to take years of practice. Relax like an expert at meditation and self-hypnosis. Learn new information and behaviors easily. Plug into new levels of energy, focus, and wellness.

Portable, Programmable, Powerful
Economical, Entraining & Entertaining

Zen Master CD Player Light/Sound Machine (including one 3 track Audio CD)- $229 Add to Cart | View Cart | Checkout

These programs are designed to take an individual to a higher level of effectiveness by facilitating a state of calm and by increasing single-point focus or attention.

They give deep mental and physical relaxation, while at the same time stimulating various areas of the brain to awaken and integrate. This, we believe, occurs through the patterned and sequential or rhythmic firing of hundreds of thousands of synapses, or nerve endings. This results in the subject accessing information more accurately and more quickly. Frustration levels usually drop markedly. Because of increased attention and concentration, learning rates and abilities frequently increase.

ZenMaster - Call 212-222-5665 - PR-2X Plus Model In A CD Player Light/Sound Machine. Zen Master Improves Attention, Concentration & Learning Rates. The ZenMaster Targets The Different Brain Wave State Such As Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Super-Beta, & AKA Gamma. Brain Fitness.


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