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Achieve Unleash the power of the brain

The Peak Achievement Trainer® Hardware and Software

Featuring Wireless Neurovideofeedback™

A professional system simple enough for the home user

Using the Peak Achievement Trainer® can produce rapid, long-lasting improvements in your concentration, learning, visualization, and mood by teaching you to better focus your attention, regulate your use of mental energy, and frequently recharge your brain.

It usually takes only 2 minutes to learn how to control the display and sound!

PEAK = Performance Enhancement for Action and Knowledge

The Peak Achievement Trainer is a complete product, including everything that you need to get started except the PC and the camera. It differs from other neurofeedback systems, which take a lot of time to configure and learn to use. The Trainer is the only neurovideofeedback™ system available that is very user-friendly, portable, and understandable. This system is specifically designed so anyone can learn how to use it and get 'on track' for strengthening their brain in about 3 minutes. It is designed for individual use by the general public, or for professional use by trainers, therapists, coaches, sport psychologists, and counselors.

This complete, easy to use training package includes everything you need--except the PC and Windows--to do neurovideofeedback™ . The centerpiece is a wireless brainwave analyzer that transmits the information to a receiver that attaches to your personal computer. In addition to the single channel Peak Achievement Trainer®, there is a two channel deluxe version, primarily for research use. In addition, the Trainer includes:
  • Your choice of Sensor system
  • A battery charger
  • The BioExplorer based software system and copy protection HASP
  • Our exclusive protocols
  • A detailed (122 page) training Manual and Workbook
  • A Quick Guide to Performing Peak Achievement Sessions
  • 4 oz. of saline in a dropper bottle
  • 1 year of Support and Program Updates
  • 1 hour of program consultation
The wireless hardware is the heart of a very complete system.

NEW: Now includes instructions on finding and recording your Optimal Performance State

It is much simpler to use than neurofeedback or brainwave (EEG) biofeedback instruments, and far more accurate. So simple, in fact, that you can slip on the patented SensorPhonesTM, SensorBandTM, or SensorVisorTM in less than 30 seconds, and so accurate that you understand that the video and sounds reflect your Focus and Alertness within the first three minutes that you try each type of feedback. No other system even comes close! Most systems take several sessions under the guidance of a professional to teach the kind of control that you can achieve in just a few minutes with our patented protocols. You don't have to go through the time consuming and worrisome hassle of figuring out how to create and use neurofeedback designs and displays. You will save so much valuable time that any price difference pales in comparison.

As the pictures show, each of these can hold the lightweight Transmitter--just two ounces with the battery--or you can wear the Transmitter as a pendant. You can move around within the range of wireless transmission, which varies from 12 feet to over 50 feet with our enhanced antenna system, depending on the configuration. The SensorPhones deliver high quality audio through wired Jensen headphones. Sony headphones with wireless audio are available as a special order.

Connections to the head are easy and quick. Our user-replaceable Sensors use salt water to connect and don't require messy electrode paste. Just wet the Sensors, place the Peak Achievement Trainer on the head and you are ready to enhance your capacity for learning and performance and reduce your stress level.

SensorPhonesTM are headphones with our new user-replaceable wet sponge electrodes that will help you train discreetly in busier environments. One Sensor per channel is located on a flexible extender which allows a large range of placement on the scalp. The basic SensorPhonesTM with wired audio are also shown at the top of the page.
The SensorBandTM is a headband with a Velcro closure at the rear. Sensor locations are fixed for optimum Peak Achievement Training®, yet they are adjustable for head size.
The SensorVisorTM is an open-topped golf visor with a Velcro closure at the rear. Sensor locations are fixed for optimum Peak Achievement Training®, yet they are adjustable for head size. It is too big for small children. The standard version is shown above. This is the Invisible version with all the electronics mounted in the visor, so that they can't be seen from the front. It is slightly less comfortable, but very stylish!

The Software

We have recently released new software featuring neurovideofeedback™ --the Peak Achievement Trainer® VR (Video Recording) system, which is also part of our XR (Extended Range) system.
Follow this link for a full description.

This highly accurate software analyzes your brainwaves and shows you when you are focusing and when you are not by changing the sounds from the computer and several displays on the screen. You focus tightly on a moving line on the computer screen, which responds by moving higher. The pitch of the flute sound shifts higher as you focus on any sight, sound, image, or part of the body. Almost every user can understand and control this feedback within about three minutes.

The FocusedAlert Protocol screen shows how it changes over time, going from right (present) to left (past). There are several cycles of Focus (yellow) and Alertness (orange), punctuated by microbreaks. The grey at the bottom indicates that there was very little muscle tension during the recording.

More recent discoveries led to the development of the FocusedAlert and Neureka! Protocols. The FocusedAlert Protocols add the dimension of Alertness to the Focus measurement. It takes a lot of mental energy to keep this degree of alertness or arousal going. The Peak Achievement Trainer® can be used to enhance your mental energy capacity and also to decrease your utilization so that you have greater energy reserves. We have recently developed methods to train for an Optimal Alertness Range.

This Alertness dimension is also easy to understand and control, usually taking less than three minutes. The Peak Achievement Trainer's® new FocusedAlert Program allows you to monitor and train concentration and alertness as separate dimensions of attention--separately or simultaneously. With the same, simple Sensor hook-up, you can observe and reinforce measures that respond to both single-pointed focus and "on-the-edge" high Alertness, that extra arousal which occurs right before you hit the ball.

The optimal approach to optimizing performance is to analyze and improve it on a moment to moment basis. With the FocusedAlert Program, you can now have the precision necessary to actually see the user's concentration and alertness separately at every moment during the performance of a work, study, or athletic activity, as well as to train the underlying skills. We have also found that it is possible to train the user by providing feedback during their visualization of a performance, thereby eliminating problems produced by movement artifacts.

In contrast, the Neureka! dimension, which produced some rather remarkable improvements in focusing in a small group of college coeds, is not quite as easily mastered. it is related to the experience of very actively attending to new and important information--mastering new discoveries--and the enhanced memory that follows.

These performance-enhancing designs are all implemented in a superb new Windows-based data acquisition and feedback program which also supports video capture and neurovideofeedback™ . You can control a DVD, CD, or animation with your Focus, Alertness, or both. When you enter an optimal Zone, the display you choose plays. Lose your Focus or Alertness, and it stands still. Within the Zone, the image gets bigger as you Focus and brighter with more Alertness. The fully functional object-oriented program allows you to make billions of different neurofeedback designs and to connect with a wide variety of other devices.

The package also includes a data review program which allows you to see the entire session at a glance, zoom in on a particular portion of the session, print out results and export data to other programs.

The Instructional Materials

There is a very detailed Manual for installing and operating the VR/XR software and the training protocols. We are currently revising the later part of the Manual, which referred to the old software, and expect to create a new Workbook by late May and send it to all purchasers. Two of the nine lessons in the manual/workbook train you how to take a microbreak that rests and recharges the brain, using two audio tracks that are included in our installation CD. To train you even more completely, we have recorded a web seminar.

The Benefits

Individuals can learn calm concentration for clearer thinking and better decision making. Users can quickly improve their ability to visualize that perfect performance, whether job, school, or sports related. The Trainer may relieve the discomfort and tension of competition and better their odds at excelling or winning. You may be able to help yourself to get to, and stay in, "The Zone", for peak performance and learn how to enhance your "Iceberg Profile", which measures moods associated with winning. It may also help to improve strength and fitness training by enhancing your focus as you pump iron.

Types of Training

There are twelve different and complementary types of training which are possible using the Peak Achievement Trainer®:
  • Strengthening the ability of the Brain's Executive Attention Network to momentarily focus attention.
  • Strengthening the ability of the midbrain to momentarily intensify alertness/arousal.
  • Strengthening the ability of the Executive Attention Network to sustain focused attention.
  • Strengthening the ability of the midbrain to sustain alertness/arousal.
  • Simultaneously increasing Focus and Alertness to meet a heavy demand.
  • Keeping Focus up while lowering Alertness/Arousal to decrease stress.
  • Focusing attention on parts of the body that the coach wishes to work with.
  • Train the user to take brief, relaxing microbreaks which recharge the brain.
  • Find the best possible degree of alertness/arousal to perform particular activities optimally.
  • Perform arbitrary sequences of concentration, alertness, and microbreaks.
  • Discover and enhance performance of the sequences that are optimal for particular activities.
  • Perform these sequences despite distractions such as self-talk and crowd noise.

Product Details

A completely configured laptop system is available by special order.

Single-Channel Peak Achievement Trainer®. Our standard model is fully equipped for portable peak performance training, with everything that is necessary for the lessons in our manual/workbook. It is available with either the SensorPhones, SensorBand, or SensorVisor. Additional Sensor systems can be purchased as accessories. Everything plugs together with a convenient RJ-45 connector.

Two-Channel Peak Achievement Trainer®. For those who wish an additional EEG channel to perform research beyond our standard protocols. It comes standard with two channel SensorPhones. Single channel SensorBands and SensorVisors are available as accessories.

The Neureka! Protocols will be available as an add-on when you purchase the Trainer or later by e-mail.

Replacement Sensors are available in orders of 15 or more to replace those which become soiled.

For more information, call us at 212-222-5665 or 212-222-5667(Fax) or fill out the Information Request Form.


Better Focus in Teens
A recent study shows that teens were able to achieve higher levels of focus while using the Peak Achievement Trainer.

Now featuring Neurovideofeedback™--monitoring both the body and the brain!

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Success in Sport
Are you an athlete looking to gain an edge? The Peak Achievement Trainer® has helped hundreds of athletes develop their brain for optimal effectiveness.

Mental Processing
Now measuring & training the Three Principal Dimensions of Mental Processing: Focus, Alertness, and Awareness!

A Peak Performance Center at a Fortune 500 Company doubled their executives' focus time & realized outstanding benefits.


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