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NeuroVideo Software for the Peak Achievement Trainer®

Now you can actually see and improve what your brain and body are doing as you strive for peak performance! It's called NeuroVideoFeedback™.

You can turn on any DVD, CD, or an animation file with your Concentration or Alertness. When you "lose it", going below the threshold, the show stops. This boosts your interest and motivation.

The new challenge to "Beat Your Mean" enhances your performance.

Here's a screenshot of a typical Peak Achievement Trainer® VR/XR session showing its features:

< h3>Use NeuroVideoFeedback™ to Discover the Optimal Patterns of Focus and Alertness< /h3>

The new key feature is the video window. In that window:
  • You can play back a video file of a user performing a mission critical activity, While its playing, ask the user to visualize himself doing the activity, while you record his Focus (yellow) and Alertness (orange).
  • You can also record video (with a webcam) and simultaneously record both concentration and alertness, as the user performs or visualizes the activity. He can close his eyes and listen to a flute in his left ear for concentration, and/or strings in his right ear for alertness. The higher the pitch, the more intense the concentration or alertness.
  • Later, play back a selected session--with video--for discovery and comment. Pause it to discuss what you see. Then compare and contrast sessions from excellent and mediocre performances to find the key differences. Use these differences as a basis for training.
Each activity has its own optimal pattern of Focus and Alertness. With this new video software, it will be far easier to discover optimal patterns that accompany peak performance and to reinforce them. The new software includes the FocusedAlert protocol, an improved ConAlert protocol, which was previously sold separately for $395.

For example, this screenshot is a recording of a golfer’s pre-shot routine and his putt, shown at the top, lasting 28 seconds. If you were able to see the video, it would be clear that he started out kneeling down. From the left, you see him focusing briefly several times as he lined up his shot. His Focus (yellow) and Alertness (orange) rose even higher just before he took each practice swing, corresponding to the moment when he set his intent, creating the visual/kinesthetic image of his planned shot. The last broad peak of Focus and Alertness occurred just before he began his shot. Next, the record is interrupted by the last of several blinks—vertical green lines, followed by an artifactual decrease in Focus and Alertness. (Our new software can correct for these false readings, showing both the corrected solid areas and the uncorrected lines.) Then we see the brief moment of intense Focus on the ball’s sweet spot (quiet eye?) just before he hits the ball. Notice that he did not use as much mental energy—his Alertness was lower--when he struck the ball as he did when he was remembering his plan and looking at the hole. Information like this is very helpful in understanding and improving the client’s mental processes.

Use DVDs and CDs to Motivate the Client

You can control the playback of DVDs or CDs, so that they respond to the user's Focus or Alertness by moving forward or getting louder. Use this later in a session to maintain their interest. Children will train for hours given this type of incentive.

Beat Your Mean: A New Way to Enhance Focus and Alertness

There is also a new, highly motivating approach to improving a user's performance while adjusting automatically for his initial level, which is far better than automatic threshold adjustment. It's called "Beat Your Mean". The Trainer encourages the user to increase his last 10 second average to better than their session average, or their last 60 second average. With this approach, the Concentration (yellow) and Alertness (orange) both increase markedly and remain steadier. This lowers their Standard Deviation, another indicator of attention control. .

Learning The Microbreak: An Instant Relaxation Technique

Of course, a user can't maintain this forever, but the effort enhances learning, and he will soon discover that the brain needs a microbreak every so often. Training to develop and control the microbreak has been one of the major principles of Peak Achievement Training® since its inception. Dr. Barry Sterman showed that Air Force pilots, who are truly peak performers, take these short breaks between tasks. The Trainer includes audiotaped lessons on developing and practicing the microbreak.

It's Easy to Adjust

Almost every setting is adjustable on the fly, so that you can make changes as you see fit. You can adjust the volumes of each sound, or mute them, to make the Neurovideofeedback™ as simple or complex as necessary. You can change the size of the windows.

Zoom In and Print Out Your Results

The new software includes a session review package which produces printed results.. It can zoom in on particular parts you wish to highlight and print them out in detail.

Supports a Wide Variety of Neurovideofeedback™ Approaches

It includes a Windows program for real-time biophysical data acquisition, processing, and display. This object-oriented approach can be configured by the user to carry out a wide variety of more traditional protocols.

You may not use the VR/XR Protocols for measuring or recording the responses of individuals to advertising, web pages, video, film, television, lectures, or any other media presentations of any type for purposes of studying or improving the effectiveness of such presentations. Special licensing is available for this purpose.


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Success in Sport
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Mental Processing
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A Peak Performance Center at a Fortune 500 Company doubled their executives' focus time & realized outstanding benefits.


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