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Achieve Unleash the power of the brain

Wireless NeuroVideoFeedback™ From The Peak Achievement Trainer

Creating A New State of the Art for Enhancing Attention and Refining Performance

The new wireless system empowers you to strengthen your mind to better complete a task like a golf swing, homework, or reading. It enables you to find and strengthen the optimum "mindset" for that activity. And THAT translates to: improve golf score, higher grades, better reading skills, better prioritization and planning....

Benefits and features to this new system:

  • No wires, no mess, no cleanup!
  • Wireless range up to & over 50 feet
  • Detects and automatically minimizes the effects of blinking and other low frequency artifacts.
  • The entire system is attached to a headphone or headband. It can also be mounted on or even enclosed in a golf visor!
  • The amplifier and transmitter is remarkably small and light, yet its high input impedance permits quick, high quality connections which last for hours.
  • Features the Peak Achievement Trainer NeuroVideo Software--the only version of a superb new MSWindows-based data acquisition and feedback program, which supports video capture and Neurovideofeedback™.
  • Create and playback a neurovideo to help you and your client understand the optimal sequence of Focus and Alertness!
  • Users understand and control our measures for single-pointed Focus and Alertness (arousal/mental energy) within a few minutes!
  • Clients can control a DVD, CD, or animation with their Focus, Alertness, or both. You train to the perfect Zone for optimal performance.
  • The Peak Achievement Trainer also includes a complete training system for peak performance in the Manual

  Use Neurovideofeedback™ to Discover the Optimal Patterns of Focus and AlertnessThe new key software feature is the video window. In that window:
  • You can play back a video file of a student performing a mission critical activity, While its playing, ask the user to visualize himself doing the activity, while you record his Focus (yellow) and Alertness (orange).
  • You can also record video (with a webcam) and simultaneously record both Focus and Alertness, as the student performs or visualizes the activity. He can close his eyes and listen to a flute in his left ear for concentration, and/or strings in his right ear for alertness. The higher the pitch, the more intense the single-pointed focus or alertness/mental energy.
  • Later, play back a selected session--with video--for discovery and comment. Pause it to discuss what you see. Then compare and contrast sessions from excellent and mediocre performances to find the key differences. Use these differences as a basis for training.
Each activity has its own optimal pattern of Focus and Alertness. With this new video EEG neurofeedback software, it is far easier to discover optimal patterns that accompany peak performance and to reinforce them.

Find out how the Peak Achievement Trainer doubled the time that the 23 top executives at a Fortune 500 company could focus in just five weekly sessions!


Better Focus in Teens
A recent study shows that teens were able to achieve higher levels of focus while using the Peak Achievement Trainer.

Now featuring Neurovideofeedback™--monitoring both the body and the brain!

Featured Study
Read the study that shows proof that you can achieve positive emotions through this Trainer.

Peak Achievement Training Helps Australian Football Player to Score Four Goals in a Game
A brief course of Peak Achievement Training helped an Australian Football player, Drew Petrie, to sharpen his shooting. He scored four goals in the next .. READ ARTICLE

Peak Achievement Training® Introduces New Neurovideofeedback™ System For Training Happiness
The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer™ can help people achieve excited or calm happiness whenever they want through brainwave biofeedback training Philad.. READ ARTICLE

Golf Experts Wrote About Improving Your Golf Game
David Leadbetter and Robert Winters wrote about the Peak Achievement Trainer®. They found that it showed differences between highly-skilled golfers .. READ ARTICLE

Success in Sport
Are you an athlete looking to gain an edge? The Peak Achievement Trainer® has helped hundreds of athletes develop their brain for optimal effectiveness.

Mental Processing
Now measuring & training the Three Principal Dimensions of Mental Processing: Focus, Alertness, and Awareness!

A Peak Performance Center at a Fortune 500 Company doubled their executives' focus time & realized outstanding benefits.


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