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Somatron Vibroacoustic Products


Questions and Answers About Somatron Products

What is a Somatron?

A Somatron is a device that produces a vibrotactile effect when connected to a sound source. Vibrotactile here means physical vibrations felt by your body.

What are the benefits of a Somatron?

The wonderful soothing vibrations relax tight muscles and stimulate circulation throughout
the entire back, spine, and legs, which result in relief of muscle tension and deep relaxation.

Personal Benefits

Reduces Stress
Facilitate the "Relaxation Response"
Promote inner peace
Increase the quality of life

Clinical Benefits

Calm and soothe restless behavior
Relax muscular hyper-tauticity
Improve range of motion
Offer auditory and physical stimulation
Promote muscle tone
Enhance communication skill
Develop sensory awareness
Enhance music appreciation

Do Somatrons produce any other beneficial effects?

Yes.  Somatron chairs recline to the Trendelenberg or physician recommended 90/90 position.  This is the position used by NASA astronauts during take off.  In this unique reclined position you reduce pressure on your spine, relieve muscle tension and increase overall circulation.

Why is a Somatron better than any other vibrating device?

Music is a MUCH more powerful tool to achieve the MIND/BODY connection than mechanical vibrations.  Mechanical vibrating devices only work at one speed at a time.  Somatrons vibrate at many speeds simultaneously because their driving source is music.  Each musical note played by each instrument comprises several speeds of vibrations.  On a Somatron you feel a variety of speeds of vibrations at the same time.  In addition, as these vibrations move from speaker to speaker, you will experience a rippling sensation.  Waves of vibrations will move throughout your body.

Does the volume have to be loud to be effective?

No.  The volume on the Somatron does not have to be loud to be effective.  In addition, even though softer music produces gentler vibrations, it produces similar beneficial effects.

Does it sound loud in the room?

No.  Eleven years of vibrotactile engineering have resulted in Somatrons producing minimal sound in the room.  Somatron use will not disturb others nearby.

What music should I use?

The Somatron Therapeutic Music Series is best.  However, Somatrons enhance all music by adding the vibrotactile effect.   For the maximum vibrotactile effect, use music with many low bass notes.  For stress reduction, use calm, relaxing music.  Many cassette tapes and CD's have been developed specifically for this purpose.  Since music preference is personal and diverse, we recommend you experiment.

How long should I use the Somatron each day?

Just as long as you like!  Somatrons are effective for short periods of 10 to 20 minutes, or for hours of continuous pure pleasure.

How long have Somatrons been around?

Since 1985.  Examine our list of clients; it's quite impressive.  You are in good company with a Somatron!

What about warranty?

Somatrons are warranted for 1 year.   Since there are no moving parts other than the speaker cones, there is very little that can go wrong.  Should problems occur on portable Somatrons that are convenient to ship, the Somatron Vibroacoustic Products will exchange your unit for a new one (this includes the Music Recliner Cushion).  The larger Professional Recliner is generally serviced at your home or clinic by a reliable local electronic technician, at no cost to you.   The only moving part on the Professional Power Recliner is the motor, which is the same as that used on hospital lift beds.  We have not had to repair or replace a single one of these since the first Somatron Professional Recliner was sold in 1988.

How do Somatrons vibrate to music?

The Somatron Vibroacoustic Products has developed a patented system of "Floating" resonating chambers, call the "Second Diaphragm System"™ that allows the Somatron user to actually feel music vibrations.

What exactly is the Second Diaphragm System™ ?

The Second Diaphragm System™ refers to a sound board suspended by pure rubber above the speaker(s).  Its vibrations are created exclusively from sound pressure produced by the speakers.  This movement is felt by the body as physical vibrations.

What electronic equipment drives the Second Diaphragm System™ ?

Somatron vibrotactile technology places high quality stereo speakers under the body area.  These speakers are manufactured by Somatron specifically for Somatron vibrotactile applications.  The patented "Second Diaphragm" is installed permanently above these speakers.

How can anyone fit sub woofers in such a small space?

They don't!  The tuned air space between the speakers and the patented "Second Diaphragm" expand the low frequencies to feel as if they are sub frequencies.  This is similar to the effect "The Boos Corporation" has developed in their Wave radio system.

Can I "blow" the speakers?

Not likely.  All Somatron speakers are "fuse protected" against such problems.

Do I need a special stereo to run a Somatron?

No. Most of the new compact "Bookshelf" units in the $200.00 to $300.00 price range are excellent choices.   Standard home stereo systems will produce wonderful results.

What is the recommended wattage for a Somatron?

Somatrons will work well within a wide range of power outputs of from 5 to 100 watts.  An average quality stereo with 10 to 30 watts of power is all that is necessary. ("Boom Boxes" do not have sufficient wattage output.)

Is it difficult to hook up to a Somatron?

No.  One cable with four color-coded wires attach to your stereo.  It is the same process as hooking up a pair of speakers.  The clear instructions that come with your Somatron make this connection easy.

Can I hook it up to my TV-VCR?

Yes.  The order of connection is TV/VCR to Stereo to Somatron.  This creates spectacular effects while watching movies, MTV, etc.  It's like having Disneyland in your own home, office, or clinic.   You'll FEEL, as well as hear, and see the program you are watching.

About the Somatron Vibroacoustic Products:

Byron.jpg (132499 bytes) The Somatron Vibroacoustic Products, founded in 1985 by Byron Eakin, is the leader in the Vibroacoustic field and the standard for the industry.   As the world's most widely used and recommended Vibroacoustic equipment, Somatron products are involved extensively in programs conducted by hospitals, universities and private and government facilities, including the U.S. Air Force, the Bethesda Naval Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health.


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