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Somatron Chair
A Welcome Addition

A new addition to Autistic Services' occupational therapy room was purchased with a grant obtained by Erie County Legislator Lynn Marinelli.

The Somatron Chair combines vibration and music to promote relaxation and decrease anxiety for the children and adults who use it as part of supervised occupational therapy.

Tom Sinica, Autistic Services' clinical director of occupational therapy services, said that the chair is offered to all autistic individuals served by the agency because of its universal benefits.  "This is a very comfortable reclining chair in which one can feel a variety of vibrations simultaneously, based on the musical notes played," he explained.

The benefits include muscle tension relief,

stimulation of circulation, reducing pressure on the spine, diminishing of gastrointestinal problems, decreasing anxiety, and screening out of noises that might be upsetting.  The Somatron Chair comes with music composed specifically for vibroacoustic therapy by Byron Eakin, the chair's inventor.  However, any music ranging from classical to rock may be used.

According to Tom, "This is a calming experience.  I can see visible differences in the people using it.  They leave smiling, happy and better able to participate when they return to theri classrooms."  Autistic Services has had a Somatron mat with similar technology in use for two years.

Somatron has lent its support to Autistic Services by adjusting the cost to match the grant amount.


Autistic Services Inc. soon will begin a fund-raising campaign to purchase a Clarence building to house all of our programs and services.

Contributors will be supporting our mission of service.

Autistic Services envisions a world where every individual is valued and is given the opportunity of a satisfying, productive life by becoming a contributing member of the community.

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