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Somatron Vibroacoustic Products

Emotinal Body Program

Consists of 8 CD set $350

Primary Purpose: 

  • The Somatron Emotional Body Program is a set of 8 CD's for psychological rehabilitation and for addressing emotional traumas.
  • Incorporated into the music in these CD's are specific frequencies and in the keys that have been shown to correspond to the seven emotional centers of the body.


  • The CD labeled The Harmonizer is used to determine where a specific trauma is manifested in the patient's body.
  • The patient experiences that CD on a Somatron. At the same time the therapist may assist the patient to work through releasing the trauma using traditional modalities.


  • Psychological rehabilitation.
  • Focus clients mind on one specific area of their body at a time.
  • Create positive stimulating mental and physical responses.
  • Assist caregiver in locating clients’ problem areas
  • Focus clients mind on one specific area of their body at a time
  • Create positive mental and physical results


  • Eight separate color coded CDs.
  • The first in this collection of CD”s is the Harmonizer which features three minute segments of the other seven CD's in the program.
  • Seven of these CDs are directed to target specific body areas.
  • Each CD is 40 to 45 minutes of continuous music.
  • Encoded within these CDs are the VAT frequencies commonly used in Europe during VibroAcoustic therapy.

The Harmonizer aligns the seven primary energy centers of the body.

It features three minute segments of the seven CD's in the program.

The Key of "B" - Integrating -The Motivational Center - (Violet) For

resonating the Crown. Integrates the body and mind and facilitates problem


The Key of "A" - Clarifying - The Understanding Center - (Purple) For

resonating the Brow. Deepens awareness and fosters personal insight,

creating a state of non-judgment and clarity.

The Key of "G" - Expressing - The Communication Center - (Blue) For

resonating the Throat. Aides self expression and releases tension in the

neck and shoulder area.

The Key of "F" - Transforming - The Love Center - (Green) For resonating the

Heart. Opens the heart, promotes the integration of the diverse voices of

the self and helps create deep personal transformation.

The Key of "E" - Unfolding - The Forgiveness Center - (Yellow) For

resonating the Solar Plexus. Helps to unblock anger and allow more

integrated awareness of the inner self.

The Key of "D" - Connecting - The Strengthening Center - (Orange) For

resonating the Abdomen. Enhances your awareness of personal interactions and

family dynamics and clarifies your connection with the world.

The Key of "C" - Creating - The Sexual Center - (Red) For the resonating the

Root at the base of the spine, assists you to stay centered within your body

and bring your creative self into focus.



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