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i-Sensory Pod  

i-Sensory Pod

This small enclosure has inviting entry openings and a vibrotactile play floor. Using the included video camera, children can watch themselves on the 26" flat panel tv mounted on the inside of the pod. Perfect environment for both special needs and all school populations.

$18,000 (Special Institution Pricing)


Vibroacoustics: Two Patented Somatron “Transpeakers”™
Power Capacity: Requires being plugged into an electrical outlet

6' deep x 8' wide with 4' high walls (assembled)
6' high at tent center

Weight: TBD

Exterior: blue and white vinyl material that complies with CPSC Standards
Interior: black and multi colored materials that complies with CPSC Standards

Color: Royal Blue and White exterior and Black and Multicolored interior
Shipping: Shipped truck transport; We will provide a technician for assistance in initial set-up
Warranty: One year on any defects in material and workmanship
Includes: Instructions and technician for initial set-up

Outstanding Features

  • Small enclosure with inviting entry openings
  • Wall to wall Vibrotactile Play Floor
  • 26” Flat TV with input for multimedia applications
  • Video camera allowing kids to watch their actions
  • Stereo radio, CD and DVD player
  • 7’ Fiber-optic color changing light wall
  • 6 panel sensory tactile and visual end wall
  • Tent roof with variable effect rope lighting
  • Exterior teacher/therapist viewing window
  • Ventilation fan, cushions, super fish tank DVD
  • Somatron video of  shuttle launch (Kids love it)
  • Multi sensory interactive stimulation pod
  • Secure monitored rest and recreation area
  • Safe space for hyperactive children to chill out
  • Perfect environment for both special needs and all school populations
  • Educational place for up to 6 children at one time

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To order or send for a brochure contact:

Dr. Philip Brotman
Biofeedback Instrument Corporation
255 W. 98th Street
New York, N.Y. 10025
Tel. (212) 222-5665 (5667 Fax)
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Allied Products/Biofeedback Instrument Corp.
255 W. 98th Street
New York, N.Y. 10025
Tel. (212) 222-5665 (5667 Fax)