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Stens Corporation Biofeedback Training & Equipment
BCIA Certification - APA CE Credits



  • STENS - BCIA BIOFEEDBACK & NEUROFEEDBACK CERTIFICATION COURSES: courses are accepted by BCIA for both certification and recertification, and approved by the American Psychological Association for continuing education credits for psychologists - including California APA CE credits.



    Earn 42 Continuing Education credits - $1225
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    Our new 36-hr Professional Neurofeedback Certification Program contains beautifully illustrated and narrated power point presentations in video format that can be viewed in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. -$1225

    In addition to the didactic content, EEG video demonstrations will be helpful for learning how to do EEG acquisition and neurofeedback training. Quizzes are also included that cover all sections of the BCIA Blueprint of Knowledge to assist you in your learning process.


    Or Contact Dr. Philip Brotman:
    Tel: 212-222-5665
    Fax: 212-222-5667

    Detailed Information:
    Stens Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program

    Free Workshops


    "I've been in contact with the Stens Corporation for nearly eight years. They have always been highly professional, effective and generous. The BCIA review course presented by Tony Hughes was outstanding. Steve Stern has always gone out of his way to help in any way he can. I consider the Stens Corporation to be a "home" and birthplace for my career in biofeedback. "

    Ken Mayer, MC, BCIAC
    Healthsouth Rehabilitation Institute
    Tucson, Arizona


    During the past ten years new and innovative approaches to healing have altered the face of health care in America. Patients can now actively participate in their own treatment.  Biofeedback, a powerful treatment and diagnostic tool, has played an increasingly important role in that transforamtion as one of the most effective adjunctive techniques currently available to health practitioners.   Reimbursement through third party insurers and workers' compensation.

    An intensive, 4-day training workshop, The Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program combines a relaxed seminar learning process with hands-on instruction and clinical practice.  The program's flexible structure provides an incomparable learning environment for the beginner and allows experienced practitioners to pursue more advanced applications such as surface EMG in chronic pain and clinical applications in EEG.



    What is the Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program?

    During the past ten years new and innovative approaches to healing have altered the face of health care in America. Patients can now actively participate in their own treatment. Biofeedback, a powerful treatment and diagnostic tool, has played an increasingly important role in that transformation as one of the most effective adjunctive techniques currently available to health practitioners. Reimbursement through third party insurers and workers compensation is available.


    Who Takes The Training Program?

    Biofeedback is currently used by psychologists and physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, social workers and marriage/family counselors, dentists, chiropractors and many other allied health professionals. Positive results have been achieved in both inpatient and outpatient programs.


    What will you learn?

    The Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program will give you the fundamental skills necessary to use self-regulation techniques that teach your patients to listen to the language of their bodies. Most simply put, you will help them help themselves. Our core curriculum is specifically designed to give you a clear biofeedback model that allows immediate use with stress disorders and explores other new and innovative directions. It is a step-by-step learning process that requires no previous experience with either biofeedback instrumentation or computers. You will learn to conduct clinical biofeedback sessions as well as the basics of clinical hypnosis, autogenic training, guided imagery and other helpful techniques.


    What Makes this Program Different?

    Locales & Lodging

    Ours is the only national biofeedback training program with more than 15 programs each year across the US and Canada, offering convenience and reduced travel expenses. The workshops are held at comfortable hotels, providing amenities you will find most welcome over the course of the training.

    Flexible Scheduling

    With more than 15 programs per year, you have a variety of training choices that mean greater flexibility and ease of scheduling. The program is offered in an intense 4-day & 1 advanced day, 50 hour schedule. Some clinicians find it difficult to be away from their practice for nine days so we have reduced the number of days from 9 to 5 to acco. Others want to complete the program in a single session. The choice is yours.

    Technical Support

    The level of technical support we offer is another unique feature of our organization. On our staff are two full-time technical support specialists who have expertise in the capabilities, installation and operation of the leading biofeedback instruments. Before your training youll receive a questionnaire about your potential uses for biofeedback which you complete and return to us. Well review your questionnaire, talk with you about your needs, and ship appropriate equipment to the training program for you to use. Youll not be restricted to one brand of instrument and you may work with several state-of-the-art systems that are appropriate for your practice.

    A Special Approach to Learning

    One highly trained instructor will lead you through the first two-thirds of the program. You will avoid many of the pitfalls inherent in training programs that utilize too many instructors, often resulting in the students inability to understand and integrate a coherent model of biofeedback. During the final third of the program, youll learn from recognized experts in the field a variety of clinical perspectives and multi-disciplinary approaches to treatment.

    You will learn to operate biofeedback instruments with the aid of well-written labs which are yours to take with you and use as a reference as you practice biofeedback or for your certification exam.


    What is the Value of Certification?

    Demonstrated Professionalism

    Passing the national certification examination attests to your competency as a biofeedback practitioner and the completion of prescribed standards of performance and conduct.


    You will be listed in the Register of the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America, a national directory available to all groups and agencies interested in identifying qualified practitioners.


    National certification procedures are consistent with the guidelines of the Department of Health and Human Services and give you professional credibility as a qualified health care provider. The Re-certification process ensures that you maintain skills and continue your education.


    How can I learn more about biofeedback?

    Biofeedback: A Practitioners Guide, edited by Mark Schwartz, provides a comprehensive treatment of the field of biofeedback. It is highly recommended for new biofeedback students, practitioners preparing for the certification exam, as well as seasoned professionals. Mind Body Integration, by Erik Peper,, and Biofeedback: Principles and Practice for Clinicians, edited by John Basmajian, are two other excellent references. These and many other books, audio and videotapes may be ordered directly from Biofeedback Instrument Corporation by calling 212-222-5665.


    How can I find out more about local biofeedback issues?

    Each state or region in the US has a biofeedback society that can give you information about local issues such as employment, salaries, insurance reimbursement, and others. Contact the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) at 1-800-477-8892 for information about the biofeedback society in your state.


    Primary Instructor

    Phillip A. (Tony) Hughes, Ph.D., M.F.C.C.

    Training Director, Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program, Stens Corporation. Director of Clinical Services, The Biofeedback Center of Berkeley. Consultant, Oakland State University. BCIA-Certified.

    *Instructors vary from program to program. For information on specific instructors and dates, please call us at 212-222-5665.


    The Biofeedback Training Institute and 
    The Biofeedback Training Series

    Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program
    The Biofeedback Center Of Berkeley, was established in 1972 for the treatment of stress-related disorders. Founder Stephen Stern began training seminars for therapists in 1976, and by 1980 an intensive course, adaptable to a variety of clinical settings, had been developed.

    In 1986, under the direction of Phillip Hughes, The Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program was created. In 1991 this program was among the first to receive accreditation from the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA).

    The Stens Corporation is nationally recognized as a leading distributor of all major lines of biofeedback instruments. Incorporated in 1979, The Stens Corporation is based in Oakland, California. President Stephen Stern has been involved in biofeedback training and product development since 1972.

    The Biofeedback Training Series
    Stens Corporation offers a variety of courses which present the theoretical basis and clinical applications of biofeedback. The following is a listing of the courses in our Biofeedback Training Series. Those courses are: 

    Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA)
    sEMG Biofeedback & Chronic Pain
    EEG Biofeedback
    Continence Training & Biofeedback
    Biofeedback and Headaches

    Course Structure

    • Course hours: 
      4-day courses - 8:30 am - 8:00 pm daily. 
      3-day courses - 8:30 am - 5 pm
      (Students should arrive at 8:15 AM on the first day.)
    • Morning and afternoon breaks with an hour for lunch are provided.
    • A workbook is given to each student at the beginning of each course. The workbooks contain all course information, freeing students from taking notes.
    • Dress is casual and comfortable.

    Stens Program is approved for CE credits by the APA, BCIA, CPA, California Board of Registered Nurses, The Board of Behavioral Science of California and the National Athletic Training Association. Stens maintains responsibility for the program.


    Continuing Education Credits

    All courses offered by the Stens Corporation are approved for continuing education (CE) credit by the American Psychological Association, the California Psychological Association, the Californica Board of Registered Nurses, The Board of Behavioral Science of California, and the National Athletic Training Association. One hour of training yields one hour of CE credit (the 5 day program = 80 CE credits).   Program Code numbers are availabe. Check with your state agency about reciprocal agreements with these organizations.


    Or Contact Dr. Philip Brotman:
    Tel: 212-222-5665
    Fax: 212-222-5667

    Pediatric healthcare has evolved in the past 25 years from a field with a strong emphasis on biomedical fundamentals such as adequate nu-trition, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and life-threatening conditions to a newer "biopsychosocial" framework with a focus on the "new morbidities" of childhood. The term "new morbidities" includes mind/body disorders, children coping with the sequellae of chronic illnesses such as asthma and cancer, and children and adolescents with stress-related symptoms. Over 25% of visits to primary care physicians are for psycho-social problems, and 15-20% of children are identified with having psycho-physiologic disorders. The task of confronting these issues has led to a rethinking of the core competencies in pediatric health care training and health supervision.

    Biofeedback is the ideal tool to prepare pediatric health care professionals — it provides a set of therapeutic approaches to problems that contain both psychological and physiologic components. Biofeedback identifies and makes real the mind/body link for children, allowing them to fully participate in resolution of their symptoms and regain optimal function.

    Biofeedback with its multi-media format is culturally syntonic with today’s high-tech, computer-savvy, video-game oriented youth. Pediatric patients love these "video games for their body" and because of that, treatment compliance is high.

    There is a growing body of scientific literature that underscores the efficacy of biofeedback across a variety of childhood disorders including:

    ADHD • Headaches Enuresis • Encopresis Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Sleep Disorders • Stress and Anxiety-related Symptoms

    Course Content

    Day 1

    • Introduction to Biofeedback
    • Respiratory System & Diaphragmatic Breathing
    • Temperature Biofeedback - Introduction
    • Temperature Biofeedback Training 1
    • Temperature Biofeedback Training 2
    Evening Session Day 1
    • Circulatory System: Anatomy & Physiology (Films & CD)

    Day 2

    • Temperature Biofeedback Training 3
    • sEMG Biofeedback Introduction
    • sEMG Biofeedback Training 1
    • sEMG Biofeedback Training 2
    Evening Session Day 2
    • Muscle System: Anatomy & Physiology

    Day 3

    • Human Stress Response
    • Biofeedback & Distress
    • EDA Biofeedback Introduction
    • EDA Biofeedback Training 1
    • Psychophysiological Stress Profiling
    Evening Session Day 3
    • Autonomic Nervous System: Anatomy & Physiology

    Day 4

    • Biofeedback with Children and Adolescents— Introduction and Overview

    Self-regulation skills training | Physiologic control Literature review Issues in professional certification and practice

    • Mind/Body Education for Children

    Stress | Somatic awareness | Relaxation

    • The Biofeedback/Hypnosis Interface

    Altered states of awareness | Principles of therapeutic communication | Developmental considerations in treatment planning

    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation with sEMG (Lab)

    • PNG/EMG (Lab)

    Teaching children breathing

    Evening Session Day 4

    • Integrated assessment/treatment

    Day 5

    • Clinical Applications of Biofeedback to Pediatric Psycho- Physiology Problems
    • Biofeedback Training with Children and Adolescents

    Discern-control-generalize model | Integrating treatment strategies Use of biofeedback games | Scheduling, follow-up, homework, self-monitoring

    • Clinical Approaches— Headaches/ Recurrent Pain Problems
    • Clinical Approaches — Anxiety/Stress Related Symptoms

    Evening Session Day 5

    • Clinical Approaches — Habit Disorders
    • Clinical Approaches — Suggestions from attendees


  • How to Build Your Biofeedback Practice ($195)

    This one-day workshop is designed to provide new and experienced practitioners with practical, step-by-step practice-building strate-gies. In today’s highly challenging marketplace health professionals can learn the techniques and strategies to survive with independence and integrity. This workshop will help you develop a marketing plan that not only allows you to practice more effectively, but fits with one’s clinical specialties, personality and sense of integrity.

    Our Faculty

    Ira Polonsky, PhD

    Dr. Polonsky is president of PHP Publications. He is the author of the series entitled; Marketing with Integrity for Health Practitioners. A regular contributor to the National Psychologists, he has published over 40 articles in professional and trade journals.

    Dr. Polonsky has had a successful practice for over 25 years and has taught at the University of California, Berkeley and the California School of Professional Psychology. He currently consults with many private and group practice practitioners in the area of marketing their practice. Dr. Polonsky has also lectured extensively on the topic.

    Course Content

    • Marketing with Integrity (Solo and Small Group Practitioners)

    Step-by-step direction for creating a marketing plan | Practice Management — a patient friendly approach | Marketing phobia — how to think positively about practice building, | Coping with rejection, anxiety and discouragement

    • How to Increase Referrals Without Leaving Your Office

    Using direct mail — personal letters, brochures, self-help blurbs, newsletters, etc. | Do-it-yourself publicity and low-cost advertising Review of sample ads, letters | Step-by-step guidelines | Word-of- mouth advertising— how to use it

    • How to Increase Referrals — Out of Office

    Public speaking | Workshops and seminars | Networking

    • How to Market Your Biofeedback Practice

    • Increase referrals from MDs | Increase referrals from other health professionals and patients


    BCIA Education and Training Requirements

    Our program provides most of the hours required to sit for the Biofeedback Certification Institute of Americas national examination. Only Clinical Supervision and Direct treatment hours are not included. Refer to Clinical Biofeedback Supervision for Certification in this brochure. Requirements are subject to change, and the current blueprint should be confirmed. Contact BCIA at (303) 420-2902.


    Minimum of bachelor degree level in a health related field or equivalent college level education. Contact BCIA for requirements for nurses and to obtain list of approved health care fields. (Licensed RNs may use an AA degree.)

    Training & Clinical Experience

    200 Hours as follows

    Training Hours Required
    Health Care Degree (B.A. or B.S.) Yes
    Introduction to Biofeedback 3 Hours
    Preparation for Clinical Intervention 6 Hours
    Neuromuscular Interventions: General 6 Hours, Specific 3 Hours
    Central Nervous System Interventions: General 2 Hours
    Autonomic Nervous System Interventions: General 7 Hours, Specific 8 Hours
    Biofeedback & Distress 4 Hours
    Instrumentation 11 Hours
    Adjunctive Techniques & Cognitive Interventions 7 Hours
    Professional Conduct 3 Hours
    Clinical Biofeedback Training 10 Hours
    Biofeedback Case Conference 10 Hours

    Direct Clinical Biofeedback Treatment

    Direct EMG Clinical Treatment 50 Hours
    Direct Thermal Clinical Treatment 40 Hours
    Clinical Biofeedback Supervision 30 Hours
    Total Hours 200

    Other Requirements

    Course in Human Anatomy 3 semester Hrs. or Human Physiology 4 quarter Hrs.

    Course in Counseling 3 semester Hrs. or 4 quarter Hrs.

    Practicum (Internship in Counseling) 40 Hours

    Documentation Of Your Training

    Students will receive a letter after completing each part of the training program documenting the number of hours they have satisfied from the BCIA blueprint. Upon completion of the 5-day program, each student will receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing which demonstrates that the student has attended a biofeedback training program accredited by the BCIA.


    Clinical Biofeedback Supervision For Certification

    (30 Hours over a minimum of 10 weeks)

    Individual arrangements can be made through Phillip Hughes, Training Director, Stens Corporation, to provide up to 30 hours of BCIA Clinical Biofeedback Supervision. Of these hours, three must be in the form of direct observation (audio tape, video tape or in person). Small group conferencing is available at a reduced fee.

    Members of the Stens Corporation Board of Advisors who are located around the US may also act as clinical supervisors. Stens will be happy to help you contact our Advisors to make your supervision arrangements.


    Direct Clinical Biofeedback Treatment

    (90 Hours over a minimum of 10 weeks)

    Trainees will acquire 90 hours of Direct Clinical Treatment with patients over a minimum of 10 weeks. It is the responsibility of the trainee to arrange for a field placement. Stens Corporation learns of a limited number of field placements around the US. When they are available, Stens is happy to share them with our students.


    Review Course for BCIA Certification Exam

    Stens Corporation offers a three-day Review Course for the BCIA Exam designed to help you pass the certification exam the first time. This course concentrates on the most significant areas of examination content and maximizes limited study time, focusing on instrumentation, clinical applications and ethics. A valuable role-play scenario assists in preparing students for the practical examination. Any participant who fails the exam will be allowed to repeat the review course free of charge. See our schedule for the course date and location.


    Software for Review of Biofeedback Concepts

    Flash for Biofeedback is a computer-based review of pertinent biofeedback concepts and vocabulary. Self-Assessment in Biofeedback, based on the BCIA test blueprint, provides a multiple choice exam with answer key to help identify your strengths and weaknesses as you prepare for the exam. They can be ordered in DOS or Apple versions from the Biofeedback Instrument Corporation at 212-222-5665.


    On-site and International Training Opportunities

    In certain circumstances, it may be practical to bring our training program to your site, especially if you are located outside of the US and have a group of 15 students or more. Contact Dr. Philip Brotman at 212-222-5665 for fees and further information.


    Free Biofeedback Workshops

    Stens Corp is offering a series of biofeedback application workshops free with the purchase of ProComp+ MultiTrace (BioGraph)or BioIntegrator system — the most widely used biofeedback systems available today. And with your purchase of the ProComp+ system, you will also become a member of the MultiTrace On-Line User Group which enables you to interact with hundreds of other users — clinicians, researchers, programmers, screen designers, etc. through our chat rooms, e-mail and bulletin board. These workshops are offered at $695 for those not purchasing the ProComp + MultiTrace or BioIntegrator. The fee is fully deductible if you purchase a system within 60 days of completion of the program.

    Designed to introduce participants to various modalities of biofeedback and its major applications. They are hands-on workshops that include lectures, demonstrations, videos, discussions and labs. Participants will find the mix of theory and practice conducive to learning actual skills they can take into their practice.

    Our faculty members come from a variety of clinical backgrounds, but they have in common an extensive knowledge, both theoretical and practical, in biofeedback and its clinical applications. Experienced clinicians, dedicated researchers, BCIA-certified, our faculty is above all comprised of excellent teachers. At Stens Corp., we believe our faculty should not only be experts in their fields, but be able to communicate sophisticated concepts in simple, understandable ways.

    Courses and Schedule

    Respiratory Sinus Arrythmia

    RSA feedback is a new method for cardiovascular self-regulation that uses interaction of the heart rate and breath rhythm to balance sym-pathetic and parasympathetic nerve traffic to the heart. RSA is the only biofeedback modality that gives direct feedback to the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system.

    In a relaxed, trained subject, heart rate will increase with the inhale and decrease on the exhale, forming a rhythmic pattern in phase with respiration. Clients can learn to self-regulate the amplitude of the RSA, its quality, and its phase relation to the breath. Clinical experience and controlled research show that properly regulated RSA reduces stress on the heart in functional cardiac disorders, improves heart rate and rhythm, reduces blood pressure and lessens anxiety.

    The Workshop

    This workshop is designed to introduce its participants to the field of RSA feedback and its major applications. It is a practical workshop that includes lectures, demonstrations and hands-on labs. Participants will find the mix of theory and practice conducive to learning actual skills they can take into their practice.

    Our Faculty

    Ira Rosenberg did the earliest clinical research for using the RSA as a biofeedback modality. Since 1985 he has directed the Biofeedback Institute of Mendocino, training clients to relieve cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary problems with RSA and other heart rate variability protocols. He has trained hundreds of biofeedback practitioners in these methods and continues to advance the field as a clinician, researcher and consultant in biofeedback system design.

    Locations and Schedule

    Course Content

    Day One
    • Physiology of the Cardiovascular System:
    • Cardiopulmonary Dynamics
    • Regulation of Blood Pressure
    • Electrical Conduction in the heart
    • RSA and other Oscillatory Influences
    • Neural Regulation of the Cardiovascular/Cardiopulmonary System
    • Practicum: Basic Biofeedback Hookups and Protocols

    Day Two

    • The Physiology of the RSA
    • Heart Rate Variability Versus Heart Rate
    • History of RSA
    • Local and Central Influences on the RSA
    • RSA and Vagal Tone
    • RSA and Vasomotor Activity
    • Power Spectrum Analysis of Heart Variability
    • Vagal Competency Model
    • Practicum: Basic RSA Biofeedback

    Day Three

    • Clinical Applications of RSA and BVP Biofeedback
    • Functional Cardiac Disorders
    • Hypertension
    • Anxiety and Panic Disorders
    • Balancing Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nerve Traffic to the Cardiovascular System
    • Basic Training Goals
    • Practicum: Using RSA biofeedback to integrate the oscillatory and non-oscillatory influences on the heart


    Stens Biofeedback Training & Equipment - Call 212-222-5665 - Stens Corporation Offers Biofeedback & Neurofeedback BCIA Certification & Recertification Courses & Workshops. APA CE Credits


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